3 Ideas to Fully Enjoy Sutton’s Attractions During the COVID-19 Epidemic

Family outings

Although regroupings of up to 10 people are now permitted, it’s wise to limit outings to family members living in the same dwelling. On the trails, in businesses and during events, this assures proper distancing. Should you wish to rent a cottage or a house in Sutton, please follow the government’s regulations asking that the occupants be from the same family and that you assure your autonomy by stocking up while you’re here.

On profite de Sutton pendant la COVID-19

Plan B

Randonnée au Lac Spruce à Sutton : Tourisme Sutton

If you notice while hiking the trails, strolling or shopping in town, that there’s crowding, go to Plan B or even C. This is the time to adapt to each situation and avoid being in a too dense group. If you notice many people are walking or riding the trail you had chosen, pick another less frequented one and discover the marvels of nature in all safety.

Autonomy in nature

Are you forgetful and have to make 10 stops to buy necessities? We heartily encourage local commerce especially now, however, if possible, for a worry-free outing, be prepared by packing: a water bottle or ‘hydra-pack’, bug repellant, sunscreen, first aid kit, toilette paper or tissues, snacks, repair kit for your equipment, headband or scarf as well as personal products.

La Rumeur Affamé Par Tourisme Sutton

Remember that as tourism gradually picks up, it’s due to Quebecers’ patience and discipline. Continue to respect basic sanitary criteria which are here to stay: wash your hands frequently and thoroughly, cough or sneeze into your elbow, maintain a 2 m distance, avoid groups of 10 or more people outdoors and follow the safety requests of businesses you visit.

The Tourism Sutton team is eager to see you soon. Here is a little clip of our terrific community who, with brio, is slowly but surely, recovering from this historic moment.

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