Sutton, the outdoors destination of choice in the Eastern Townships

Did you know that Sutton, the outdoors destination of choice in the Eastern Townships, partners with businesses annually to further enrich your experience? Discover the unique brands and services that enhance your visit to Sutton!

Beautiful downtown Sutton

Sutton adheres to the ‘Cœurs Villageois’ network under the Tourisme Cantons-de-l’Est umbrella. Through its sheer essence the Town of Sutton qualified as a ‘Mountain Village’. The ‘Coeurs Villageois’ are chosen for their warm welcome, the abundance of local products and the quality of their attractions and activities.

Vivre l'été à Sutton
 Le Vignoble Domaine Bresee

Sutton on the Wine Route

A magnificent vineyard on the famous Wine Route that winds through Brome Missisquoi is located in Sutton. An unsurpassed picnic spot, the Domaine Bresee Vineyard, also offers a wide variety of wine derived products. Of the 21 vineyards on the Wine Route, its authentic beauty that takes your breath away, places it a notch above the others.

A very popular village café

Many Eastern Townships villages have in the past few years designated a ‘Village Café’ where visitors, local citizens and producers alike are warmly welcomed. Ours is ‘Le Cafetier’, also a coffee micro-roaster, serving up awesome meals in a laid back setting.

Le Cafetier : Un café de village bien populaire
Welcome cyclists

Welcome cyclists

‘Welcome Cyclists’ is proudly displayed by many lodging establishments in and around Sutton where many practical and friendly services are available. This certification assures cyclists that repair tools, maps and information are on hand, that there are closed and locked storage spots and more.

Collectivité Vélo sympathique
Sutton is also the holder of the bronze ‘Collectivité Vélosympathique’ certification. This movement under the auspices of Vélo Québec encourages municipalities to adopt a true cycling culture and to make of the sport a real matter of transportation and fun.

Electric vehicles - No sweat in Sutton

Sustainable development being of utmost importance, Sutton has many charging stations for electric vehicles. A total of 25 such installations are found at Town Hall, Mont SUTTON and at Auberge West Brome.

Sutton has installed many recharging stations for electric cars.
À La Fontaine Sutton

The Townships Trail and the heritage and historical beauties in Sutton

The Townships Trail that winds through the Eastern Townships highlights the rich and historical heritage of Sutton. The plan of the tour can be found in front of the À La Fontaine restaurant at 30-A rue Principale S.

Welcome hikers – we’re here to spoil you

What with the groomed network of trails and the passion for hiking of our visitors it was obvious that many lodging establishments hang out the sign, ‘Welcome Hikers’. This sign confirms that trails are nearby, that information, handy accessories and maps are available.

Randonnée en famille l'été à Sutton
Microbrasserie Auberge Sutton Brouerie : Sutton gastronomique et les Créateurs de saveurs

Gastronomy in Sutton and the ‘Créateurs de saveurs’

Because local producers and distributors have found their niche in Sutton, many have been nominated ‘Créateurs de saveurs’. This moniker denotes produce grown locally, transformed or prepared in the region. For a taste of the superb offerings , The Sutton Market, À l’Abordage Microbrasserie, Au Diable Vert, Microbrasserie Auberge Sutton Brouerie and Domaine Bresee Vineyard are not to be missed.

Sutton’s terrific reputation whether it be commercial, touristic, cultural or sportive can be attributed to the many businesses, shops and individuals who are responsible for the numerous prizes attributed and the pride we take in them all.