Tours to discover

Spring has finally sprung!

Although rather chilly but ideal for spring skiing so, don your sunglasses and walking shoes and enjoy the sunshine.

What better way to tackle the new season than to walk, cycle or drive along one of Sutton's 7 touring circuits.  Once your skis have been stored, the woodland trails are still too muddy and the dog is dying for a walk, you'll be amazed at the cultural and historical discoveries to be found in and around Sutton.

Allow yourself to be enchanted by my 2 favorites!

1. If these roads could speak

Either by car or bicycle, the 44 km 'If these roads could speak: tales of Sutton' recounts how the lives of the local residents living in proximity to the American border were affected by prohibition and the influx of tourists at the beginning of the 20th century.  Accompanied by the audio guide, on an even keel with the podcasts of today, learn the tale of the young orphan girl whose story runs true with testimonials from local Sutton elders.

2. The Blue Muse

It's on foot through our magnificent town that you will take 'The Blue Muse Fun Tour' that guides you through eras gone by. Visit boutiques, galleries, parks and other colorful points of interest.  With a  glass of iced tea in one hand and the dog on a leash in the other, this tour should take about 2 hours.


Up for a workout while discovering the town?


If you are a walking, running or cycling enthusiast, Sutton offers 10 active circuits.

Have a great time!