Active Circuits

27, Principale N., Sutton, Quebec, Canada

Are you a walking, running or cycling enthusiast and do you like to discover new places?

The Town of Sutton offers TEN ACTIVE CIRCUITS to allow its citizens and visitors to practice a physical activity that is quickly accessible and pleasant from the village.

Ten circuits, identified by color and varying from 1.5 to 8.5 km, have been designed to satisfy different levels of physical fitness. You can even do them with your dog, but your dog must be kept on a leash everywhere and you will need to bring bags to pick up its droppings.

On the map, you will find various practical information to better enjoy your experience: viewpoints, distance to travel, water points, municipal parks, etc. The slopes are indicated by a hatched line allowing you to choose the circuits with or without slope.

  • To consult the map of active circuits: click on the image
  • Printed versions are distributed by the Sutton Tourism Office located at 24A Principale Street South;
  • A large poster is installed on the community bulletin board located at the entrance of the municipal parking lot, next to the post office;
  • A large sign is installed on the fence along the bicycle path.

The creation of these new routes is part of the action plan Coeur villageois (village hart), an initiative of Tourisme Cantons-de-l'Est that aims to develop our living environment in harmony with its tourist appeal. It also responds to the Municipal Policy for Families and Seniors, one of the objectives of which is to promote the active mobility of the population of Sutton.

Description of the circuits

Brown circuit – 1.5 km

The brown route goes around the Cœur du village street. The street is paved until the intersection and the loop is dirt. This is the smallest circuit.It offers two small changes in elevation and a beautiful view of the Sutton Mountains. You will also be able to appreciate Santerre Creek at the beginning and end of the circuit. Poorly lit by streetlights, it is recommended for a daytime or sunset walk.

Red circuit – 2 km

The red circuit is a loop in the Gagné domain. It is 2 km long and of light intensity, as it takes less than 30 minutes to walk from Western Street. Well lit, this circuit can be done at any time of the day and the year. Traffic is moderate and a pedestrian area is marked out on a large part of Gagné Street. The route offers a beautiful view of the Sutton Mountains and also crosses the Sutton River and Santerre Creek, which runs alongside Parc Gagné.

Blue circuit – 2.5 km

The blue circuit is perfect for a short healthy walk. Its 2.5 km route circles the village core, mainly on asphalt (sidewalk and bike path). Be careful on route 215, as a small part of the circuit has no sidewalk between the bike path and Academy Street. The view of the Sutton Mountains and the lack of elevation changes make this an easy and interesting circuit for all types of walkers, cyclists and runners.

Yellow circuit – 2.5 km

The yellow circuit offers a light intensity to users, with two changes in elevation at the entrance and exit of the Fairmount Cemetery, as well as on Highland Street. This short jaunt will offer, from the heights, a splendid view of Mount Pinnacle (more difficult to see in summer because of the vegetation cover) as well as a view of the Sutton River gorge from the Highland Street bridge. Please note that the tour is not lit in the cemetery or on the Godue Park pedestrian path (at the end of Hilltop Street) that leads to the riverfront.

Fuchsia circuit – 2.75 km

The fuchsia circuit starts on the Village-Mountain Trail and goes to Poissant Street. It offers a pleasant stroll in the forest with a moderate difference in altitude and a splendid view of the Sutton River upon reaching Poissant Street. From this point, it follows the road on a paved path that leads back to the heart of the village. A large part of this circuit is poorly lit and narrow in places, so it is not recommended to do it at night. Please note that the section on the village-mountain trail is closed to bicycles.

Khaki circuit – 3.75 km

The khaki circuit circles the Domaine-Mon-Louis from Principale Street. It is lighted and paved on Maple Street, with little lighting in the Domaine-Mon-Louis. The space reserved for pedestrians on the roadway between Highland Street and Domaine-Mon-Louis Street is narrow: be careful and visible. Without the ground cover, it is possible to see Mount Pinnacle. This route is a great getaway near the heart of the village.

Green circuit – 5.5 km

The green route offers an interesting 5.5 km loop with two elevation changes (Mountain and Schweizer streets) and a peaceful view of the Sutton Mountains. You can also admire Cooke Creek on Schweizer Road. This route is not entirely lit: streetlights illuminate a portion of Mountain Street and a small portion of Principale Street South (Route 139) at night.

Turquoise circuit – 6.5 km

The Turquoise Circuit is a 6.5 km loop and is more strenuous than the others due to its three hills and its distance from the heart of the village. The trail is paved on Dyer Road between Route 139 and Domaine Avalon, and on Mudgett Road between O'Donoughue Road and Route 139. In addition to the tranquility of this area, both roads offer magnificent views of the Sutton Mountains and the valley. At the corner of Mudgett Road, the bird's eye view of the vineyards and village, with Mount Sutton in the background, is worth a stop. And if the sky is clear, you may even catch a glimpse of the Vermont Green Mountains.

Purple Route – 5.5 km

The Purple Route is a 5.5 km circuit that runs from the intersection of Western Street and Principale Street North to Lefebvre Street and back, via Woodard Street. The high point of this route is at the top of Lefebvre Street where you can see Mount Singer in front of you. The elevation gain is over one kilometer, making it one of our most challenging routes. The trail is paved but not very well lit, so it is recommended to do it during the day.

Orange Route – 8.5 km

The orange circuit is an 8.5 km round trip, taking the purple circuit and extending it into the Hivernon area. The loop in the Hivernon domain is not paved or well-lit, so daytime riding is recommended. At the corner of Woodard and Hivernon streets, a beautiful view of Mount Singer offers a reward for our efforts. The greater distance of this route and its more than one kilometer of elevation gain make it our most demanding circuit.

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