National Geographic OBSERVÉTOILES

169 Chemin Staines, Sutton, Quebec, Canada J0E 2K0
Description :

Come to the enchanting Au Diable Vert Mountain Station, in Glen Sutton, to discover a novel and intriguing world through this innovative activity, that combines the technology of several cutting-edge companies from around the globe.
Visit our outdoor planetarium and embark on a unique worldwide experience of the night sky with OBSERVÉTOILES! Both young and old will be impressed!

Cradled in heated stadium seats, and perched at over 1,000 feet of altitude, this open air spectacle takes place in a multilevel mountain side amphitheater in Quebec’s newest Dark Sky Preserve at Au Diable Vert in Sutton, Quebec.

Narrated by talented astronomers, each night’s presentation is tailored to the ever changing beauty of space. And best of all, at the end of each show, this pioneering headset is yours to keep, allowing you to continue to be amazed by nature’s greatest show!